Better Back Program

Do you suffer from back pain? Cannot get long term relief from it? Frustrated that you can't do the things you were once able to do? Physio Nomad Better Back Program is an intensive 6 week program involving weekly hands on treatment, exercises and hydrotherapy sessions. The objective is to diagnose and comprehensively treat your lower back pain to enable a full recovery.


Physio Nomad Better Back Program includes:



Posture Master is a new original invention that will train you to keep your back straight!

How does it work?

The miniature electronic Posture Master is attached to your underwear or applied to your skin with a sticker, just an adhesive patch.   The device is equipped with an accelerometer to measure your spinal angle.  When you slouch for over 60 seconds, the device will buzz gently reminding you to straighten up.  Posture Master is your personal coach that is always with you.